Why Choose Heritage Academy

Heritage Concierge Service

At Heritage Academy, we’re always looking for innovative ways to offer an educational experience with more value. With our exclusive Heritage Concierge Service, we spend whatever time is necessary working with each individual student and family to make sure the education your child receives is the most valuable. Just like other independent schools, we are fully accredited with Cognia, and we’ve worked hard to achieve that designation. In fact, some of the programs we use on a daily basis are now being implemented in other schools in the region.

The most impactful new program we are offering is our Heritage Concierge Service. This unique service meets the needs of each student. A class schedule is built around each student’s needs and desires. This individualized attention to detail insures that not only will the student graduate with all necessary credits; but, will have the unique experience of enrolling in classes that are of interest to them.

Flexible Schedule

Heritage Academy offers a unique approach to the daily schedule. Typically, a student spends the entire day sitting in a classroom watching the clock. Heritage Academy is different from other independent schools. We offer flexible scheduling. Our school day begins at 7:40 am and ends at 12:05 pm.

With additional blocks of instruction scheduled until 3:00 pm, a student can begin classes later in the day and fulfill their credit requirements for graduation. Starting at 7:40 am allows the student to finish mid-day and pursue other areas of interest; whether it is learning a skill, or working at a job. At Heritage, we are all about meeting the needs of the student.

Dual Enrollment

At Heritage, we’ve worked out an arrangement with The University of South Carolina – Beaufort to offer a Dual Enrollment Program. Qualified students will be able to enroll in a class at USCB-B, attend class there and receive college credit. At the same time, they will be fulfilling their high school graduation requirements. Heritage Academy staff will work closely with the University personnel to make sure the student is on-track for a successful Dual Credit experience.

Innovative Curriculum

Heritage Academy not only offers the same fully accredited classes you will find in most any other independent school; but, we go above and beyond those expectations. Heritage has researched the needs of the local community to learn what classes need to be offered in order to get a step up in the education of our students. Middle school students who wish to continue their pursuit of Mandarin can attend Heritage where they will join in the Mandarin curriculum which extends all he way through high school.

In addition, Middle School students can take advantage of a special Leadership curriculum – Pro Team” which will prepare them for not only the upper grades but also for life in general. Students will be a step ahead in Character Education, Leadership Development, Exploration of Teaching and a Professional future. Upper School students will also be able to continue their pursuit of the study of World Languages – Mandarin, Spanish, and American Sign Language. As an added bonus, Heritage will be offering the South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy to those who wish to pursue it. Developing life skills through our innovative Culinary Arts program will not only offer the student a greater opportunity to begin a career in business; but it will also offer instruction in everyday culinary arts skills.

An exciting Sports Psychology class for upper school will offer students the opportunity to participate in real life situations where stepping outside of their comfort zone to develop leadership skills defines the class. While our Heritage curriculum meets all the requirements for an accredited school, it goes beyond those of your typical independent school.