What Others Have To Say

Here what parents, students and staff have to say about their experience and thoughts surrounding Heritage Academy!

Heritage Academy has changed my son in a way I didn’t think was possible.

Heritage Academy has changed my son in a way I didn’t think was possible. The overall attitude, excitement, confidence and drive to achieve great grades has been 100% positive!! The teachers are so helpful, engaging and there for you every step of the way!! There guidance to help you succeed is outstanding!! If your looking for a more personalized school setting for your student, Heritage Academy is definitely that place. Our only regret is we didn’t make the change to Heritage sooner in my son’s high school career!!

Kelly Kulplinsky-Cameron’s mom

We are looking forward to the next 2 years.

Delaney just started Heritage Academy 4 weeks ago and we are so happy that she is there. The teachers and students have been very welcoming to her. The smaller environment that Heritage has created with teachers that care and are willing to help your child succeed is such a wonderful way to go to school. We are looking forward to the next 2 years.

Karla Leonard-Delaney’s mom

Heritage Academy is family and home away from home for our daughter.

Our family joined Heritage Academy Fall 2020 for our 7th Grade daughter. We relocated to beautiful HHI for our daughter to pursue her passion in tennis. Our children have experienced all forms of education tailored to their needs. Heritage Academy’s style of teaching and learning is comparible to a one-on-one approach. The teachers are highly qualitfied and are passionately invested in their students. They are eager to see each child learning and growing in all areas. As you walk the halls you will hear staff greeting the students and actively engaging in conversation. Classroom discussions are geared at teaching children to be life long thinkers and embrace knowledge. Staff is extremely patient by teaching responsibility and accountability. Teachers communicate with parents and students routinely. Heritage Academy is family and home away from home for our daughter. It is a safe school for our daughter to learn and develop academically.

Tina Tauscher-Sophia’s mom

After a disconcerting meeting concerning course load for freshman year at HHH, we met with Amanda O’Nan to discuss the possibility of our son, Michael, attending Heritage Academy.

To be honest, we were skeptical and unsure if the small academic environment, and newly created sports teams would be a good fit for him, as he would be leaving his school, friends, and teammates of the past 10 years.

In our initial meeting, within minutes, Amanda had rolled up her sleeves and dug into specifics… Honor courses, “no problem I can put him in ALG and BIO”…PSAT/SAT, “excellent, we have study groups”…Golf “You will LOVE the incredible new coach.”  This warm, passionate professional took charge, and did what she does best – matched the strengths of my child to the rigorous academic challenges necessary for college acceptance.

As we look back on our freshman year at HA, what an eyeopener!! Who thought school could be this much for my son?  Certainly not Michael!  He worked hard and got great grades, made new friends, joined student government, and participated on 2 varsity sports.  Michael agrees wholeheartedly, this would not been the case at any other school.

At Heritage, we are amazed at the ability of the teaches and staff to nurture student’s strengths and provide individualized, positive reinforcement.  In addition, hands on, exciting field trips supported the classroom experience.  Internships, work opportunities, competitive sports teams, and numerous college trips and clubs offered a real life, growth mindset for the students.

Accountable leadership and communication are critical to any organization, and Amanda excels at both.  Via weekly emails, she kept us abreast of what the students were doing, any present challenges, special course offerings, job opportunities, important college deadlines, rules, and expectations for us as parents, as well as for the students.

Amanda knows each child in her school, what makes them tick, who they are dating, where they work, what their dreams are, and she asks herself – how can I make their dreams possible?  She and her staff bolster the student’s individual strengths and challenges the students in a warm academic setting.

In our opinion, Heritage Academy has unlocked barriers to traditional learning.  We have the utmost confidence that our son, his hard work, and with the help of the encouraging and inspiring teachers are laying the groundwork, not just for a successful college career, but more importantly a well-rounded, confident, productive, member of our community, and for that we are grateful.  As Michael would say, Carpe Diem!


Dr. Robert, Tricia, and Michael Gavin

June 1, 202

I am so glad my parents sent me to finish up my 7th grade at Heritage Academy. I had such a great year. I learned a lot of things and I loved being President of Student Government in the 8th grade. I like how when I walk in, everyone knows me and we are all friends. I had classes I was excited to take and lunch is so delicious and the basketball net is so fun and we have animals at the school.

Sawyer Callen

June 15th, 2022