Penny War


Our middle school student government association has planned a middle school event called penny war. The total amount of money raised will go towards a charity of their choice.  The penny war begins Nov 30th and runs though Dec 16th.

The way it works

Each grade level in middle school (6th, 7th and 8thy grade) will have have a designated jar.  Students will put pennies in their jar for their grade level to add to their grade level total.  So, if they put 73 pennies in their jar, their total is $.0.73.  Here’s the catch,

if you add “silver” such as a dime, nickel or quarter, that deducts from the jar.  So, you want to add “silver” to other grade level’s jar.  If the other grade has $0.80 in pennies but you add  a dime, it will deduct ten cents to their total bringing it down to $0.70.

Thanks for participating.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.