Philip S.

I have been to multiple chiropractors in the past. Every single time i have been told that I need a certain amount of visits and then asked to sign up for a payment plan… and then made to feel that if I don’t, I am doomed to have a horrible back/neck. Dr. K is nothing like that, he is the real deal. He is honest, he asks questions and is incredibly knowledgeable across the board. Each time I see him, my adjustment is specific to my needs. Recently, after a long road trip, my neck was really bothering me. One adjustment later, I am feeling myself again. I’m glad that I can now have chiropractic care without feeling scammed. Thanks a million Dr. K!!One last note… I trust Dr. K so much I started taking my son to see him when my son was three months old! We are treated like family every time we walk through the door. Do yourself a favor and stop shopping around… just go see Dr. K!!