Heritage Academy Open Letter To The Lowcountry

Dear Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry Community

Under new ownership, Heritage Academy is expanding academic excellence, enrichment and athletic opportunities by  providing a re-envisioned choice for families seeking an outstanding academic school to achieve their student’s full potential. 

My background and Heritage Academy: As Head of School, I am currently certified with the State Department of Education in Education Administration, holding a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Education and a Master’s in Educational  Leadership. I resigned from the Beaufort public school district in May 2019. Heritage is a private for-profit school. Unlike  some private schools, whether for profit or non-profit, we will be happy to share the school’s finances, payroll as well as Head  of School compensation with current and prospective families. My goal is to create the preeminent academic institution of the  Southeast. The financial resources of the school will be directed to support your child’s education. 

Athletic Program and SCISA: Heritage Academy will be fully approved by SCISA for registration and expansion of its  athletic program for the 2021-2022 school year. Heritage has communicated with SCISA and guidance has been received for  completion. 

Heritage Academy Vision: Heritage Academy offers a personalized educational program for every student to ensure success  and create educational champions prepared to thrive in every area of life. Every great school offers high level classes (AP  courses), clubs, and extracurriculars. Today’s schools, educators and administrations need to go the extra mile to prepare  students to be competitive on an international level. Heritage has now instituted a Concierge Service where students will  participate in practicums and internships in a meaningful career program, differentiating themselves, and helping to support  their aspirations. Networking and connections are an important component and a key to success in this process. 

Offerings: Heritage Academy serves grades 6 – 12. Heritage Academy is positioned as a visionary academic institution  offering a myriad of options designed specifically for each student’s requirements, including an IB Career Program, a South  Carolina Seal of Biliteracy Diploma, a dual enrollment with the University of South Carolina-Beaufort for college credits for  11th and 12th grade, as well as a personalized concierge enrichment opportunity. 

Campus and Student Body: Previously, Heritage Academy focused on elite athletes while providing tailored  academics. Heritage is now focused on “elite” academics, athletics and enrichment, supporting, educating and pushing students  to their fullest potential whether for placement in Ivy League schools, in-state or out of-state schools, the military or in some  cases the workforce. Heritage is seeking to be an optimal choice for students across the Southeastern United States and as such  is planning a larger campus for its much-expanded enrollment. For the 2021-22 school year, Heritage will be utilizing  additional premises to its main building to provide a cohesive educational experience. It is envisioned that 2021-22 enrollment  will surpass 125 students in grades 6 to 12, while maintaining class sizes not exceeding 12 students. Enrichment courses will  be offered many evenings and some post high school courses are available for graduates. 

Tuition: Heritage Academy strives to maintain affordable private school tuition levels. Tuition for the 2021-22 school year is  $11,950 in Upper School and $9,950 for Middle School. Heritage is offering a 10% scholarship to all local families. The  criteria are that families must have their primary residence in the low country. 

I am thrilled to bring together top students who value academics, athletics and unique external interests combined with  outstanding educators and support from the Beaufort County community, including its higher education universities, to create  an environment where academic scholars and athletic champions will thrive. I hope you will join me in our goal to achieve  unsurpassed educational accomplishments, as well as preeminent athletics and unique opportunities for our children of the  Southeast. I welcome you to call me or visit Heritage Academy either online or in person.

Amanda Williams-O’Nan

Owner and Head of School