Heritage Academy is committed to delivering an enduring educational and athletic experience for every student, and to that end, we work seamlessly together with our partner academies to bring educational and athletic excellence to the Hilton Head Island area. We value our partners in helping to bring an innovative educational and athletic program to Hilton Head Island.

Smith Stearns Tennis Academy

Smith Stearns Tennis Academy was developed to prepare junior athletes for the highest level of competition possible in both collegiate and professional tennis. We promote a family atmosphere of intense training, camaraderie, and fun. The Smith Stearns approach speaks for itself as we have developed numerous state, sectional, national, and international champions over the years, as well as having one of the strongest college placement programs in the country.

Van Der Meer Tennis Academy

Van Der Meer Tennis Academy has an integrated approach and commitment to academics, on-court training, physical training, mental toughness, nutrition, and tournament scheduling. Injury prevention is practiced and coaches personally assist players in every facet of their development.

Junior Pro Golf Academy
Junior Players Golf Academy is a nine-month program beginning in mid-August. Academic students begin their informative and engaging instructional program Monday through Friday after school. Students receive instruction both on the course and the practice facilities. Students have weekend access to our courses, giving them additional time to practice what they learned during the week and build comradery with other JPGA students.